• http://www.facebook.com/seamus.corbett Seamus Corbett

    There’s some classics missing here (granted, you’re only given five). I give you, in no particular order:

    -The Red Skull: Hugo Weaving knocked Johann Schmidt out of the park in Captain America. Of all the comic book villains I’ve seen on screen, this one had me terrified. The was it was handled was truly brilliant. Hugo Weaving couldn’t have been a better choice and I pray they use him again soon.
    -Bullseye: There’s debate about whether or not Daredevil was any good, but if there was one stand-out, it was Colin Farrell in the role of Bullseye. Sociopathic, funny, and fully aware that he’s one of the more deadly human beings walking the Earth. You couldn’t ask for much more.
    -The Violator: I know, another movie (Spawn) that didn’t execute all that well. John Leguizamo did the unthinkable as The Violator. He made me not hate John Leguizamo for more than five seconds. That, in and of itself, is an achievement. Plus, the guy ate real maggots for the job. He deserves credit (I guess).
    -Mister Glass: Unbreakable was never a comic book, sure, but long before Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson was Mister Glass, a delusional victim of a bone disorder that made him perform acts of terrorism just so he could find a hero. Amazing work.
    -Green Goblin: Yes, Ock was a better bad guy, but Dafoe’s Goblin was pitch-perfect. The Power Rangers styled mask was a bit much, but I could never complain about the guy underneath it. He even got in a “We’ll meet again, Spider-Man!,” which proves that we’re dealing with a movie that’s a pure love letter to both the creators and fans.
    -Neville Sinclair: Because I wanted to go obscure. The Rocketeer was a feast for the Dieselpunk eye, and breaking Timothy Dalton from the 007 mold by making him a Nazi shows the guy has range.

    Admittedly some of my choices are from real cinematic refuse, but if we’re making lists based on the quality of villains alone, my choices should hold up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Tucker/1541100032 Daniel Tucker

      Great lists! I would have definitely considered some of these if we were doing a top five, especially The Green Goblin. I was torn between Goblin and Scarecrow for my number five spot, but Scarecrow ultimately won out.

  • “turnitoff!”

    an oldie from 1990… the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.
    James Saito as Shredder was perfect casting.

  • Anonymous Fat Guy

    The universal constant is the Joker.