Unseen DVD: Cutthroat Island

Cutthroat Island
Directed By: Renny Harlin
Starring: Genna Davis / Matthew Modine / Frank Langella
Film Rating:
Experience Rating:

This is my entry to the Unseen DVD Blog-a-Thon. I was introduced to John Debney’s score by Phillip a while ago, and really liked. Shortly afterwards, I started seeing the DVD in the WalMart $5 bin all the time, so I’ve been interested in seeing this for quite some time. I’d always heard that it wasn’t that great, so I never took the plunge until now. After I announced the Blog-a-Thon, I was perusing the local library’s DVD selection and happened upon Cutthroat Island, which I was planning on picking up at WalMart shortly after. So not only do I find the perfect film to watch / review, but I get to save money as well. Life can’t get much better than that for a film fan. :)

As you can see, I’ve rated Cutthroat Island two ways: Film and experience. Objectively, as a film, it really wasn’t that great of a film. But as a subjective experience, I was unknowlingly in the mood for a campy swashbuclking explosion-filled piratical film. I really had a lot of fun watching this, especially at the expense of the film itself. The dialogue was corny, the special effects weren’t, and the cast itself: Lots of fun. :)

It was a weird experience. As the film started I remember thinking that the music was awesome, cool intro credits, and then it just wasn’t connecting with me. But about 15-20 minutes into the film, I just started…having fun. I mean, how is it possible to take Genna Davis as a pirate seriously? (Especially after watching Thelma & Louise recently, with Davis playing the former) And if Matthew Modine wasn’t trying to channel Cary Elwes, that would be a surprise to me.

And I have to take a moment to say that Frank Langella was great as Dawg, the badder pirate. (‘Cause they’re all bad, really) One look at him and I thought that he would make a good Dracula. Huh. Unlike other similar villians, he actually made some smart decisions. He still suffered from the monologue of death, but you can’t have everything.

I’ve never seen to many explosions in a pirate film before…nor so much innuendo. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Bay cast Megan Fox in the lead role and did a remake of this. I’d watch…maybe,

One thing that I ADORE about Cutthroat Island: When they’re following the map near the end of the film they actually counted their paces out loud! How cool is that??

I guess I never got around to typing a synopsis of the story. Here goes: There are lots of people (pirates included) that want to find the treasure on Cutthroat Island.

Unseen DVD Blog-a-Thon

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I was sitting here thinking that it would be cool to go to WalMart, purchase a DVD that I hadn’t seen, and probably wouldn’t see in the first place, and review it here. And as they say, misery ‘s company. I’ve enjoyed participating in and reading a few blog-a-thons in the past, and they were a lot of fu n

So here’s how this blog-a-thon works. I want you to get, watch, and review a film that you would normally pass on. This doesn’t mean that it has to be one that you would probably hate. It could be one of those DVDs that you walk by all the time but never took a chance on it. But it could be one that you hate. :)

Now I don’t want people simply renting / viewing a DVD online (NetFlix, Blockbuster, etc.), but ultimately I’ll leave it up to you. P

ick up a cheap DVD at WalMart, rent one from a RedBox, or buy a used DVD from Blockbuster store.

I’m not going to put a limit on how much you have to write. I want this to be a comfortable and ultimately, fun experience. This is a community effort, and hey, we might discover some hidden gems along the way.

When you have completed your review, you can either link to it here or send me an email (cinexcellence[at]gmail[dot]com). I will post all of the reviews together in an updated post.

The blog-a-thon starts now and will continue through Sunday, August 17th. Please help by spreading the word. Put a link on your blog, email your friends, etc.

PDQ Reviews: Round 2

‘Cause I’m just too lazy at the moment.

Match Point: Laughable in areas. Reminded me of Dial M For Murder a little bit.

Being John Malkovich: Crazy.

My Blueberry Nights: Beautiful, slow pacing, great performances from the men. :)

Thelma and Louise: Stands the test of time; better than I thought it would be. Love the Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid homage, which brings up some interesting questions about that film as well…

Stand By Me: A treat that I found in the $5 bin at WalMart. Nostalgic goodness.

[And I’ll toss this one in for Rick’s reading pleasure. ;-) ]

My Kid Could Paint That: Fascinating story and discussion of art. Technically lacking, however.