Eagle’s Fan (60 Second Film Festival)


You can now vote for the people’s choice award at http://www.60secondfilmfest.com/ (on the right-hand side). Thanks!



I recently submitted a film for the 60 Second Film Festival in Lancaster, PA. It’s a mini-doc about my little brother.

If you’re in the Lancaster, PA area it will be shown with 11 other short films on Sunday, May 13th at 7:00pm at Penn Cinema. Tickets are free, but are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

There will also be a fan favorite award; I will post a link to that page when they put it up.

Here’s a link to the film if it doesn’t show up below.

Thank you for your support!


Short Spotlight: Sockfeet

My appreciation for short films began when I first attended the Nashville Film Festival. Blown away by the wide range in content and talent, I immediately went to the Internet to find more short films. Modern short films are a fascinating genre, ranging from no budget backyard productions, to low budget indie films, to full-blown blockbusters. Short films are a great way to glimpse future talent, or a window into the origins of a respected director. The goal of this series is to showcase a wide range of short films from all over the world. If you want to have a short film featured, please comment and leave a link. Enjoy the show!

The first film in this series comes from my Alma mater, Bryan College. It’s a short, sweet love story told from a unique perspective.


Help Support Jesus Fish

On the shores of “Tennessee’s only bio-luminescent lake,” the line between myth and reality is blurred. Would-be con artist, Timothy West, will walk this line, improvising one elaborate scheme after another to keep the money he stole from the church and pass himself off as a repentant miracle worker. With his adopted brother, Light, reluctantly at his side, Timothy seems bound to make a clean getaway, unless a certain legend turns out to be real.

Bryce McGuire and Colton Davie (Open Light Pictures) have worked together for the last three years, resulting in close collaboration and sound short films [see them below]. They are in the early stages of their next film, Jesus Fish, and need your help to  make this “southern mythological short” a reality. McGuire and Davie are upping their game with Jesus Fish, and they need your help. The short will be shot on film, they will be filming UNDERWATER, and the film stars Matt O’Leary (Brick, Natural Selection) in the lead role.

They still need $6,775 towards their $20,000 and they have four days to get it. Please consider helping, even if it’s just $5.

Every dollar helps, but whether or not you can donate, one of the biggest ways you can help is by spreading the word. Email your friends, post a link on Facebook, Twitter, or record your own shout-out video and put it up on YouTube!


You Dropped Your Quarter from Colton Davie on Vimeo.

Animals from Colton Davie on Vimeo.