There Will Be Breakups

With Iron Man officially hitting theaters today, everyone is predicting how much money it will make at the box office. Will it break records or just  be a nice hit? I have a different prediction to make. I predict that during the course of Iron Man’s theatrical run, we will see a record in romantic breakups.

Why? Because the main two films being released today are Iron Man…and Made of Honor.

Oscars: Final Tally

All said, I got 14 predictions right this year. More on that in a future post.

Highlights (In no particular order)

  • Jon Stewart (or was it Cate Blanchett?) was once again great as the host. Some Stewart quotes:
  • “Too often, the Academy ignores movies…that aren’t good.” (Referring to Norbit)
  • “Thank God for teen pregnancy”
  • “Tonight, welcome to the make up sex” (About the writer’s strike)
  • “Oscar is 80 this year, which makes him automatically the front runner for the Republic nomination”
  • Playing Wii Tennis on stage
  • The early montages: Binoculars & Periscopes / Waking from a bad dream. Priceless.
  • Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan as Halle Berry and Dame Judi Dench
  • Once winning best song
  • Markéta Irglová being let back on stage after being cut off for her acceptance speech. Good form!
  •  Marion Cotillard winning best actress award! Not my prediction, but I was SO happy for her. What an amazing performance
  • Daniel Plainview kneeling before the Queen after winning the award for best actor. Awesome.
  • How can Tom Hanks look old?
  • Robert Boyle’s speech
  • The Coens on stage.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis: “This sprang like a golden sapling out of the mad beautiful head of Paul Thomas Anderson”