DVD Releases 7/8

Well, there’s only one new DVD that I’m interested in this week. I guess that means I’ll have more time to catch up on my backlog. :-)

1. Batman: Gotham Knight
Why? It’s a collection similar to The Animatrix that bridges the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Sounds cool.

2. Joe Strummer: The Future is Written

3. Stop-Loss

4. The Ruins (Unrated)

5. Superhero Movie

The Batman List

With The Dark Knight coming out in less than three weeks, and now that I’ve officially seen all of the live-action Batman films, I thought I’d put them in order of preference:


1. Batman Begins (2005)
2. Batman Forever (1995)
3. Batman (1989)
4. Batman Returns (1992)
5. Batman (1966)
6. Batman & Robin (1997)


The Batmen:

1. Christian Bale
2. Val Kilmer
3. Adam West
4. Michael Keaton
5. George Clooney